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The Secret to Separation Anxiety Success
separation anxiety dog training

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can feel like being trapped in a cycle of stress and guilt.

    You can’t go anywhere for fear of what you’ll find upon your return:
  • A panicked dog, household destruction
  • Angry notes or calls from neighbours complaining about the barking and howling.


    This holistic, science-based, training program is one of the most effective treatments for dog separation anxiety. I have teamed up with Epic Dog to be able to provide you with the best separation anxiety programme available.

    Let us help you rehabilitate your dog or puppy and regain your freedom with our virtual private dog training program!

    This program works through systematic desensitization. Basically, you are making an agreement with your dog to never leave them alone longer than they can handle.

"An outstanding service that has literally changed our lives!" 
Damon, Sophie & Toby

Working with me remotely through video technology allows you to receive regular feed-back and individualized daily training goals.  It's a gradual process, I work with you closely and makes adjustments to the program based on your dog's responses.

    Helping a dog with separation anxiety can be hard on owners as progress can often seen slow, having the weekly support of a trainer can really help you stay positive and give you a boost when you need one.

    For optimal success, it is essential to plan on NOT leaving your dog or puppy alone for at least 6 weeks once beginning this program.  We suggest planning on a scaled-back social schedule and relying on friends, family members, or a reputable doggie daycare or pet sitter whenever necessary during this time. If will struggle with this, I have a few suggestions we can discuss.



VIP Program

  • Private Coaching: This program includes weekly coaching 1:1 with me, consisting of phone/Video calls and virtual assessments, for a period of 8 weeks from the start of your course.

  • Online Classroom : You’ll have access to an 8 week long online program. I will guide you through what to watch and when and support your journey with personalized help throughout. 

  • Lifetime access to the video Vault

  • Video Analysis of your homework

  • Email & phone support throughout your program and for a further 6 months after your program finishes.

Hi Sarah – just wanted to touch base and let you know that Toby is doing exceptionally well and wanted to let other dog owners who may have issues with separation anxiety issues like we had with Toby about how well the training programme has gone.

We have always had dogs as a family and being a working household, it was the norm to leave them alone whilst we went out to work / ran errands etc.

Our first new addition to the family was Toby – a beautiful black haired toy poodle puppy. Toby came to us when we were in lockdown which meant he was with us all day every day and wasn’t really left alone on his own (There was always somebody in the house). We didn’t think much of until we started to leave the house.

On the first few occasions it was 10-15 minutes to pop to the shops. As the days passed, we noticed that Toby was becoming more and more anxious (Having studied the doggy cam footage you confirmed that Toby was indeed in a state of panic).

We knew we needed help when on one occasion we came home to find that he was trying to dig under the front door – so much so he scratched the skin of his pads and there was blood everywhere!!

We were so upset and felt so guilty. For the next month or so we made sure that Toby wasn’t left alone – being the winter period this was doable as there was always a family member able to come and dog sit! Just before the turn of the year we had another new addition to the family ‘Daisey’ a red-haired teacup poodle.

Not wanting her to pick up on or having the same anxiety issues as Toby we decided that we needed help and it was almost by miracle that we were put in contact with you Sarah!

From our first meeting with you, we were confident that you understood our situation and what we needed to do. It starts off with baby steps but over the weeks we saw improvements starting to take place.

We have more than impressed with the bespoke training programme you created for us. The house visits and our regular video calls have helped tremendously!

We’ve still got a long way to go and it’s amazing to think that we can now leave Toby and Daisey for up 2.5 hours knowing that they are safe and calm. Quite a dramatic change when at one point we were unable to step outside and close the front door without Toby becoming anxious.

We’ll be sure to recommend you to our nearest and dearest and we would like to wish you the very best with your business.

Sincerest regards from a very happy Toby, Daisey, Sophie and Damon

separation anxiety dog trainer
separation anxiety training

An outstanding service that has literally changed our lives!

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