Reactive & Nervous Dogs

Do you have a Schnauzer  that barks and lunges at other dogs when out on a walk?


Are you embarrassed and frustrated by your dogs behaviour?

Have you tried so many things that you are at your wits end?

Over the  years I have worked with my owners in the same situation as you.  Helping owners of reactive and nervous dogs, isn't just about training your dog, its also supporting you through the journey.  Helping you understand why Your dog is behaving this way, can really take the pressure off you both, and many owners have said its as if someone has given them hope again and light at the end of the tunnel.

"Sara Lloyd I just wanted to thank feisty fido Ozzy 💙 has become a dog who is happy to walk, doesn't want to rip off the head of every dog he sees, is happy to stand and wait while I chat to people.....I cannot believe the difference and every day I say he was so good on his walk I think of you - so thank you!!" Dawn & Ozzy

My training program includes a  Consultation followed by a full treatment plan.  

Lesson are through video call or Zoom and are followed up by video assessment of the training, to keep you on track.

• Full assessment
• Observation of your dog
• First aid "what can you change now" plan
• A daily plan for moving forward

6 x 1-2-1 practical training sessions
• Coaching you with the skills you need every day
• Developing observation skills so you can help your dog
• Working within your dogs' safety bubble to allow them to feel safe and calm
• Developing an awareness of the environment so you can help your dog process what is there

Video tutorials
• Covering in depth "why does my dog?"
• A breakdown of the skills taught in the practical sessions
• Ability to access these for life
• Share your training with others involved with your dog


Phone support
• Interim phone call so you don't feel on your own
• Continuing support

Looking at what is working and details of how to push on

"My walks with our Miniature Schnauzer are much calmer and relaxed after 1 to 1 sessions with Sara, she worked on her reactive behaviour with other dogs when she is on the lead. It's so relaxing walking her now and not having to apologise to everyone we meet. I would definitely recommend Sara to train your dog for you. Louise & Maisie

"I had 10 sessions with Sara with our year old reactive springador,Barney. Following each session & talking through experiences, I quickly began to feel more equipped & confident to deal with potential stressful situations. I began to enjoy my walks more with him instead of constantly feeling anxious. Sara is a really good listener and put me at ease straight away - understanding my issues. Barney loved all the positive attention he was getting and responded to Sara very quickly.
I will definitely be signing up for other sessions. Highly recommended"
Joanne & Barney




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