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121 Puppy  Training

Bringing a puppy into your home is one of the most exciting decisions you'll make.

They are cute and fun and so loveable.

But most puppy parents make mistakes in how to raise their puppy resulting in future challenges that can simply be avoided if they just KNEW the right information.

Did you know that what your puppy learns in the first 4 months has a permanent effect on how they turn out as an adult dog? 

These mistakes can result in problems such as:

           Your puppy biting and nipping

          Your puppy getting out of control and jumping and nipping your children

          Your puppy pulling and biting on the lead on walks

          Your puppy being hyper at night resulting in sleep deprivation

          Your puppy starts barking at other dogs on walks


          Even things like your puppy is stealing socks or anything they find! 

          And so many more unfortunate and completely avoidable challenges!

I am here to help you,   teach  your puppy into a well mannered and confident family dog.

What is the cost of not getting it right the first time around?

          Socialization done wrong can lead to reactivity, aggression and anxiety later on.

          Toilet training done wrong can result in lifelong accidents inside

          Behaviors such as stealing socks or shoes can lead to your puppy showing aggression              when you try to get them back

          Pulling on lead can become a ingrained habit that works for can be painful for both                  you and your dog

          Not starting with training the right way will make any future obedience training                           harder, more expensive  and more time-consuming

I am here to help you,   teach  your puppy into a well mannered and confident family dog.

Puppy training widnes

Here is a example of what will learn on the Ultimate Puppy Course

  • How to implement a daily schedule and routine

  • Fast and easy Toilet training

  • Management to prevent problems in the first place

  • How to create a safe space so that your puppy can chill on their own

  • How to safely greet other dogs  and make sure your puppy stays confident around other dogs

  • How to prevent puppy jumping up on  you and guests in the home

  • How to prevent dashing out the front door

  • How to positively introduce harness and lead

  • How to teach your puppy to walk nicely on lead

  • How to positively handle and groom your puppy

  • How to teaching a reliable recall

  • How to teach puppy to be calm and sit and wait

  • How to help your puppy and children get along

  • The puppy developmental stages so you can know what to expect

 HELP! I have a new puppy.

puppy training widnes
121 puppy training widnes

The Ultimate Puppy Course

  • Covering in depth "why does my puppy?"

  • 8 weeks of lessons

  • Bite size videos for each lesson

  • Each skills is broken down for you 

  • Ability to access these step by step videos for life

  • Share your training with others involved with your puppy

121 Coaching & Trouble shooting sessions

  • 2 x Coaching sessions to teach  you  the skills you need to be successful at training  your puppy

  • Sessions are over Whatsapp via video or telephone call

  • Ideas and practical skills for children & dogs

  • Emergency skills for when things go wrong

  • Problem Prevention strategy

  • Training sessions are based around your needs

puppy training widnes

Package ( Ultimate Puppy Course & 121 sessions) - £99.00 -Book Here

  Ultimate Puppy Course Only £49.00 - Join Here

Whatsapp/Telephone -121 sessions Only- £30.00 - Book Here

Sara's training is excellent - she addresses any individual concerns and tailors the training to both the individual dog and the family, keeping it both fun and relevant. She is very knowledgeable about how puppies learn and develop and gave so many helpful suggestions including addressing separation issues. This was the same for both face to face and online training. Would highly recommend  Mel & Arnie

puppy training widnes
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