Summer is finally on its way, and time to get out and about with our puppies.

Adventures at the beach, country parks, forests, its all there to be enjoyed.

  • Have the freedom to know you can let puppy off and they will come back, when you call ( and not of the 20th time!)

  • That your puppy will walk nicely on lead without pulling your arms or lunging everywhere.

  • A puppy who can politely meet people without jumping all over them ( with those muddy paws -oops)

  • What about the pub garden, teaching puppy to lie down and relax as you enjoy a refreshing drink is just bliss.

  • Just 1 skill per day to master for 28 days. Weekly Zoom class and problem solving sessions, to support you in reaching your desired goals.


Class starts on Monday 5th April. Lifetime access to course, for only £35.00!!!

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