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You can ask me unlimited questions, never be lost or confused on a course again.

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121 puppy training

Rock Solid Foundations

To reach our puppy's full potential we first need to build amazing foundations. In this module we'll help you to understand your puppy's innermost motivators, how to supercharge play, build an incredible connection and perfect key skills to help you expertly navigate your puppy's first weeks and prevent problem behaviours from arising.

Fun to Focus

This module is all about building unwavering focus from your puppy. We'll walk you through how to ensure your puppy engages enthusiastically and loves looking to you. Through fun games we'll help you teach your puppy how to not only look at you when you ask but to offer focus around even the biggest distractions! 

Online puppy school
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Look forward to walks with your puppy that are fun and enjoyable for everyone! Gone are the days of your puppy ignoring you as they run off to play with every dog at the park... No more pulling like a steam train on the way to the beach... Unlock the freedom of off lead ambles and easy lead walking as you build the essential skills your puppy needs so you can be proud to take them anywhere!

Walk in Harmony

Marvelous Manners

Puppy Portrait

Transform your playful pup into an absolute angel by teaching them self control and the art of asking nicely. Amaze your friends and family as your puppy masters polite greetings without jumping up, waits patiently whenever you ask, ignores dropped food and settles calmly in a variety of situations.

Wet Dog

Confidence Rocks

This module is all about boosting emotional confidence and body awareness. (And in the case of very confident pups, learning to slow down and think more!) We'll guide you through how to properly socialise your puppy so they develop into a robust, resilient individual, whilst avoiding common pitfalls which can cause issues later on. 

Trick Time

Tricks are a great way to strengthen the canine-human bond, build confidence, enhance connection and enrich our puppies' lives even more. Unlock the fun and enjoy watching as everyone in the family wants to perfect these fun, puppy appropriate tricks!

Image by Ryan Walton

Training is definitely a joint effort between us and our dogs. But don't worry, we'll give your skills a level up so training your pup becomes easy! From developing expert timing, to understanding how dogs learn and communicate, you'll learn how to problem solve and build brand new behaviours from scratch.

Super Human Skill Boost


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We won’t spend a lot of your valuable time here explaining the effectiveness of the positive reinforcement techniques you’ll be learning, or trying to convince you that our puppy training system is worth far more than the price we’re asking you to pay.

You and your pup are smart; neither of you will be convinced by a lot of advertising hype.


Nope, instead of bragging about how our program is the best thing since Cappuccino, we’ll simply let you prove it to yourself… by offering you.

A complete 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like the course, just email us and we will give you a full refund.

The Puppy Vault
Expert Video Tutorials
with Lifetime Access

Enjoy the benefits of having a professional guide you through teaching your puppy all they need to know, without having to commit to a set class time every week. With our step-by-step video tutorials you can watch and train at your own pace, whenever works best for you with the flexibility to watch and digest the video content first, before introducing your puppy to an exercise, setting you both up for success. You can play, pause, rewind and revisit the videos as much as you like and will be able to enjoy lifetime access to The Puppy Vault even after you and your puppy graduate!

The investment to join the Superstar Puppy Online Program is £50.00 and this will give you  access to The whole online course  and  private Facebook group.

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