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The Secret to Separation Anxiety Success

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can feel like being trapped in a cycle of stress and guilt.

    You can’t go anywhere for fear of what you’ll find upon your return:
  • A panicked dog, household destruction
  • Angry notes or calls from neighbours complaining about the barking and howling.


    This holistic, science-based, training program is one of the most effective treatments for dog separation anxiety. I have teamed up with Epic Dog to be able to provide you with the best separation anxiety programme available.

    Let us help you rehabilitate your dog or puppy and regain your freedom with our virtual private dog training program!

    This program works through systematic desensitization. Basically, you are making an agreement with your dog to never leave them alone longer than they can handle.

    Working with me remotely through video technology allows you to receive regular feed-back and individualized daily training goals.


    It's a gradual process, I work with you closely and makes adjustments to the program based on your dog's responses.

    Helping a dog with separation anxiety can be hard on owners as progress can often seen slow, having the weekly support of a trainer can really help you stay positive and give you a boost when you need one.

    For optimal success, it is essential to plan on NOT leaving your dog or puppy alone for at least 6 weeks once beginning this program.


    We suggest planning on a scaled-back social schedule and relying on friends, family members, or a reputable doggie daycare or pet sitter whenever necessary during this time. If will struggle with this, I have a few suggestions we can chat about.

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