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Where are the classes held?

Our agility  classes are held at an indoor riding school or our agility field at Early Paws in Runcorn, which  provides an  safe, secure and floodlight environment in which to train dogs. 


What do I need to bring to the classes

A hungry dog.  As we teach using reward based methods you will need to bring plenty of small tasty treats.  Make sure the treats are about the size of a pea and are super tasty ie. Sausage, cheese, ham, beef, chicken, liver cake. Soft treats are better than crunchy ones as they take less time to eat.  If you have a treat bag or bum bag to put treats in it is better and easier to retrieve your treats than in a pocket.

Also bring a selection of your dogs favourite toys. Any special toys that your dog really likes to play with. 

Flat collar and lead, we prefer you not to bring a flexi lead and please do not use any form of check collar.

Please bring Poop bags with you.


Class Rules.

Please close the main gate when entering and leaving the premises

Please keep dogs on lead at all times, unless instructed otherwise

All dogs should have up to date vaccinations and should be wormed

Please clean up after your dogs.

We would appreciate it if you park with consideration for others

Please be respectful  other dogs in the class, not all the dogs in the class may be as friendly as yours, dogs that need a little more space will be asked to tie a yellow ribbon around the lead or collar so we can all be aware of the dogs that are a little more nervous of other dogs too close.



How do we book and pay for classes

. Payment is needed at the time of booking to secure your place, which can be done through the online booking system

You place is only secured on the course once we have your booking form and full payment for the course.

You will be sent a confirmation email  to let you know your place is booked and secure.

All course fees are non-refundable. The courses build on learning each week, if you miss a course we will do our best to help you catch up on what you have missed.

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