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On lead shouty

  • Is your dog barking, lunging, pulling or even screaming towards other dogs on walks? It can be so embarrassing  and frustrating when our dogs act like this, it may be that off lead your dog is fine with other dogs and you just can't understand why they only do this sometimes.    


  • You may even plan your walks so there is no one about, going out really early in the day or late in the evening. Dread seeing another dog on your walk, or you may have even stopped walking your dog as its become too stressful.

  • Walks with your dog feel frustrating, embarrassing and you just feel you are heading into battle in time you head out for a walk?

Walks together should be a pleasure, not a nightmare.

Imagine if 31 days from now

  • You could walk you dog without barking and lunging at every dog they see

  • That you would know what do each time your dog saw another dog, and how to calm or avoid future barking and lunging

  • You could go for walks with your dog and both enjoy the whole walk

  • That you and your dog can be a partnership on a walk, rather than in conflict.

  • After your walk, enjoy a drink in a pub or café with you dog relaxing by your side

  • A trip to the beach is something you can now look forward too

Does it sound too good to be true?  

Or, do you think your dog is just too naughty to ever change, and you have tried so many times before, with little change.

With 31 days to Calmer Walks course you can have calmer walks  in just 31 days!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says "I'll try again tomorrow." Mary Anne Radmacher 

Over the  years I have worked with many  frustrated owners at the end of their tether just like you.  Helping you and your dog to calmer walks, isn't just about training your dog, its also supporting you through the journey.

Understanding why Your dog is behaving this way, can really take the pressure off you both.

My step by step programs will give you the confidence and skills to be able to have walks you can only dream of right now, you may have even given up all hope of it ever being possible for your dog. I know many people who contact me have, they have tried so many things in the past that have either not worked at all or only worked for a short time.
If you want things to be different, I will be there guiding, coaching  and supporting you each step of the way as we train your dog together.

Fearful and over reactive behavior will not go away on its own. Your dog will not grow out of it. Left untreated, both the frequency and the intensity of the problems will increase.


Your dog is  acting in response to an emotion - that might be fear, anxiety or frustration - and, when they react, that can make them feel better in the moment so they keep doing it, But we can teach them a better way. We can give them new ways to respond that also feel good and over time they can start to ignore what once caused a meltdown or maybe even enjoy meeting other dogs or new people. In order to make this shift, we need to create a more calm space for our dogs. They can't learn when they are stressed.


This is why I have  designed 31 Days to Calmer Walks. This program will give you all the support you need and I am with you every step of the way. In 31 days to Calmer Walks you will develop the right skills to teach calm and accommodate your dog's reactivity! You'll earn easy and fun practical ways to keep your dog's focus when there are distractions, how to manage situations where things are less than ideal and how to bounce back when everything has gone belly up!

Let me take you through the journey to calmer walks.
The course is a fusion of online learning and zoom lessons, so where ever you live you can still join us.
Calmer walks are possible when you make the commitment to follow the lessons and practice daily.
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