Benefits of the  Puppy Perfection Program

  • Toilet training plan and diary so you can rest easy in the quickest time frame possible that your pup knows where to go potty, and where not to.

  • Puppy proof your house and Crate training ( cause electric cables aren't good chew toys)


  • Socialization & fear prevention.  Avoid the pitfalls that can lead to your puppy developing fearful and aggressive behaviours.

  • How to control puppy biting ( cause them teeth are sharp!! baby shark)

  • The best chew toys to keep puppies teeth busy 

  • Physical & mental exercise to tire out puppy (mindfulness for puppies)

  • Advice on feeding, routine care, appropriate toys and how your puppy learns

  • Puppy Good manners

  • Relax on your bed, teaching you puppy how to be calm ( meditation time :)

  • Puppy will learn  "leave it"

  • Preventing possessiveness, teaching puppy sharing is good

  • Teaching pup that being alone is ok.  Preventing separation anxiety




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