Hello, I'm Sara
Founder & Owner of Dharma Dog Training


I am passionate about helping pet parents and their dogs to a better, more enjoyable and calmer life together. I love having adventures with my dogs and want everyone to be able to enjoy a life filled with fun with their dog,  I am not the type of trainer that will judge you or tell you off for letting your dog sleep on your bed - mine sleep with me.   

They are a part of the family,  they are sentient beings just like us.  Why teach them using fear and punishment when we can teach them what we want.  Learning a deeper understanding of your dogs emotions is often a huge light bulb moment for many pet parents, leaning to 'Talk Dog' is a skill i teach all my students. Its a journey and one that will enrich your life and your dogs.  

I often help anxious and stressed out pet parents and my training is around supporting the human side as much as the dog training side of things. 

About Dharma Dogs

I am Sara, a Qualified, Experienced and Friendly Down-to-Earth Dog Trainer. I am a Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute dogs, Kennel Club Listed and a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Association of INTO Dogs.

I have a passion for helping dog owners have a better life with their  dogs. 


I specialise in:

  • Puppies/adolescent dogs 

  • Reactive/Nervous dogs

  • Separation Anxiety

  • I am know as the schnauzer expert, after owning 4 and training many, many more,

I keep my 121 and online classes and Programs simple, easy to follow and are  built around getting you and your dog well on the road to a better future.


All training is based on  modern, positive, science-based and effective training methods.

121 Programs can be  held via video call, so distance is no problem.

  • Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute Dogs

  • Naughty but nice pro

  • Puppy Lab course ( The ultimate Puppy Trainer course - School of canine science

  • Clair Hickson -12 week course The Missing Peace -The human side of owning a Reactive Dog 

  • Janet Finlay - The other end of the Lead - ongoing course

  • Susan Garrett - Online Recallers course

  • Susan Garret - online Handling 360 Course

  • IMDT - How to be a dog trainer 2 day course

  • Attended Victoria Stillwell 2 day National Dog Bite Conference

  • I have  also attended many agility workshops with uk and international handlers.

  • Scent Masterclass with Pam Mackinnon

  • Teaching Reactive Rover classes by Kim Moeller

  • Puppy problems - Sarah Whitehead

  • Cautious dogs, Fearful Dogs - Shiela Harper

  • The Puppy Seminar - College of Animal Welfare

  • Advanced Clicker Training Masterclass - Sarah Whitehead.

  • Training camps with agility world champions - Silvia Trkman & Susan Garrett.

  • Online course in Behaviour Adjustment training - Grisha Stewart

Seminars and Training Camps

Want to Know More?

I invite you to have a free Discovery phone session with me, where we discuss your needs and also a chance for you to get to know me. 

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