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If you dread taking your dog out for a walk?


You have to spend your walk being embarrassed and frustrated by them barking and lunging at other dogs/people/cyclists/children?


Got to plan your walks for when no one is around, or have even stopped walking as its too stressfull for you and your dog.


You have tried training if might of helped a little or not at all and everyone tells you thats just the way they are and you will have to get used to it.

   I am so pleased for you that you ended up here.  Life with your dog does not have to be this way. Walks can be a pleasure and it doesn't have to be a battle to get there.


Liverpool dog trainer

I understand completely how you feel. The dog in the photo with me, was the dog that started my journey on understanding 'Reactive' dogs. I know the feel of the knot that builds in your stomach before heading out, prepared for the looks from other people, judging and making you feel like a bad owner and your dog as aggressive when you know at home they are the softest, loving dog you have had. Trying so many things and not knowing if you are doing right or wrong.

It has been a passion of mine to learn more ways to help pet parents of dogs like yours. I know it doesn't have to be this way. I know the joy and pleasure when you have your first calm dog walk, and you don't care if you see other dogs on a walk, because you know exactly what to do now.

We got in touch with Sara in February and enrolled our four-month-old puppy, Alfie, on the puppy paws class which Sara was running. We never missed a week and Alfie's confidence really grew during the course, as did our understanding of how best to support a sensitive pup. Sara has solidly continued to support us since then with 1-2-1 lessons at the school, at home and remotely on WhatsApp.

     Sara's enthusiasm, experience and understanding of dogs shines through. We are looking forward to continuing working with her to give Alfie the support he needs to grow into a happy and confident family dog. I would recommend Sara without hesitation. 

Paul & Alfie

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