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 121 Agility classes  are held outdoors & 121's are currently being held at Online.   All classes are bookable online. 

  Taught by Qualified  & Vet Recommended Dog Trainer

Do you have a current struggle with your dog?

 Or a super active dog that could benefit from Agility training?

Having owned many active dogs, from my first Boxer dogs, Miniature schnauzers, Labradors and their crosses and now border collies.  I know how it feels when you can't always fit in the amount of exercise you think you should and they always seem to want more.    That's why i love activities for dogs, fun, learning, mentally and physically tiring for you dog and you both never get bored. 

I have a passion for helping reactive dogs and their owners, start to enjoy a better life together and learn how to enjoy walks again, or maybe for the first time.  Having a reactive dog can be lonely and we can often feel embarrassed and ashamed of our dogs behaviour and find ourselves apologising to everyone we meet.  I can help guide and support you through my 121 programmes how to look forward to walking your dog again.

We keep our classes fun and if learning is fun, we tend to want to do more of it.  Here at Dharma Dogs ( formally TWdogschool) we train using a variety of training games.   Our games all help to transform behaviours and create real life ready skills. Combined with Activities, like agility, hoopers, tricks and scentwork there is no excuse, so why not do more with your dog and have fun doing it!.


All training is based on  using positive reinforcement training methods.

We specialize in:

I will be running 121 classes from June, they will be at Early Paws Doggy Day care in Runcorn.  We have a secure indoor training area and a large secure outdoor training venue..  You can find the calendar of all our classes HERE

121 lessons are held at your own home/ or via video call and have online training support lessons or an outside venue if needed.

Sara is a qualified Dog Trainer and experienced agility trainer (competing up to grade 7).

 I only use positive, modern training methods.

I am a Certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute dogs,   an Accredited Canine Hoopers Uk instructor, Kennel Club Listed and a Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Association of INTO Dogs. I am also studying for my IMDT assessment in October.

Read more about Sara HERE 

"Rufus' is a reactive dog, who is learning how to meet and greet other dogs in a calm manner. During the sessions excellent advice is given, and the opportunity to practice in a safe and friendly environment. Highly recommend the training sessions for dogs of all ages and ability.

Martha & Rufus  Update - Rufus has now passed his kennel Club Bronze Test"


Mobile: 07774706007

( txt or email is best)

Email: sara@dharmadogtrainer.com


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