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Hi, I'm Sara!

The Owner and Founder of Dharma Dog Academy, I am a Certified Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs. Motivation, supporting the hoomans and breaking down complex tasks into bite size pieces is my specialty. Having trained hundreds of puppies and adult dogs, I understand the dreams, needs and struggles that many dog owners go through.

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  • Your Schnauzer barks and lunges at other dogs when out on a walk?

  • Are you embarrassed and frustrated by your dogs behaviour?

  • You have tried so many things that you are at your wits end.

  • Or Maybe you have just brought home a puppy and feel overwhelmed.


I understand completely how you feel, I have been there myself and muddled through the endless Google searches and advice on Facebook groups, which just lead to more overwhelm and confusion. It doesn't need to be this way.

My goal is to help owners find joy in walking their dogs everyday, to breeze through puppy training and to have the freedom to be able to leave your dog or puppy at home, knowing they are unstressed and happy by themselves.

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Sara's training is excellent - she addresses any individual concerns and tailors the training to both the individual dog and the family, keeping it both fun and relevant.

She is very knowledgeable about how puppies learn and develop and gave so many helpful suggestions including addressing separation issues. This was the same for both face to face and online training. We would highly recommend her.


–Mel & Arnie